Bicycle Route: Rallarvegen -The Navvies Road - from Finse to Voss

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This is the old construction road alongside the Bergen Railway from Haugastøl to Voss, built between 1895 and 1902. It is now a heritage trail, cycle route and footpath.

Take the train from Voss to Finse or Haugastøl.
From mid July to mid September there will be a cycle train, which allows you to bring your own bike on the train with you. On any other train the bike has to be despatched. Bike rental possible.

From Finse you cycle the Old Navvies road (Rallarvegen) to Hallingskeid and Myrdal.
A nice cycle route in mountain terrain.
From Myrdal you can take the local train back to Voss, or descend at Upsete and cycle to Voss.

More information can be obtained from the Tourist Information Office in Voss.

In total: 82 km
38 km from Finse to Mjølfjell
44 km from Upsete to Voss

More information:

Bicycle package:
Fjord Tours
Tel: 815 68 222

Bikes for rent:

At Finse

At Voss
Endeve Sport: +47 56 51 11 19
Mjølfjell Vandrarheim: +47 56 52 31 50

Train information:
Tel: 815 00 888, eller NSB

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Voss Touristinformation
Adress: Skulegata 14, 5700 Voss
Phone: +47 406 17 700

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