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Phone56 51 69 65


If you are searching for meals based on the local traditional tastes, you should consider visiting the farm "Smalahovetunet". In a farm house building from the 1700's you are served traditional style lamb meat ("Smalahove" and "Pinnakjøt"), sour cream porridge, flat bread, and cured and seasoned meat, amongst other local and Norwegian tastes.

The name of this farm translates into "Sheep Head Yard", as the farm's speciality is in producing and serving smoked head of lamb, or more correctly "sheep head", being the direct translation of "smalahove".
From early days lamb has been important for Norwegian farmers and "smoked sheep head dinners" have long traditions in Voss. This goes back to the days when meat was scarce and one exploited every part of the lamb to make the most of it. In early days smalahove was used for an everyday meal, however, in recent years it has been much used in connection with festive occasions. Every autumn an event called "Smalahovesleppet" takes place in Voss, celebrating the smalahove tradition.

At Smalahovetunet you are also served what the local people in Voss have for their Christmas Dinner, "pinnakjøt" or ribs of lamb. Other dishes on the menu may be "sour cream porridge", perhaps served with "fenalår", which is cured and seasoned leg of a lamb and "Vossafår", a type of sausage which is cut in thin slices. These are typical tastes of Voss and Norway.

Pre-booking is necessary. Please contact Smalahovetunet for details.

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