Cheesetasting and fjordcruise to Fjærland

This 2-day tour with Glacier Tours will take you to Vik for cheese taste and to the glacier village and Fjærland, along with other popular attractions. It is starting from Voss and includes all transport, hotel, lunch, cheese tasting, dinner and entrance fees.

The trip starts with a bus from Voss before we continue towards Vik. We drive over Vikafjellet, through fantastic landscapes. At these heights there may be snow near the road, even in summer. The main attraction in Vik is the richly decorated stave church «Hopperstad Stave Church». It was built in 1130 and is together with Urnes the oldest stave church that exists. You can join a guided tour of the church or explore at your own pace.

In Vikøyri, there will be a tour of historic surroundings where we will stroll between small picturesque homes and the boathouse that makes up the beach settlement on Vikøyri.
The tour will include a taste of the local specialty, "old cheese" which is a cheese that has its origins in the Viking Age. The local dairy is the only dairy in Norway that produces old cheese today. Along with assorted cheeses, you will be served raspberry juice.

On day 2, there will be a short drive to the harbor in Vik, where the trip continues by boat to Fjærland. The fjord cruise lasts for approx. 2 hours and the ticket is included. The boat has indoor seating as well as the opportunity to stand out on deck and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

At the very end of the Fjærlandsfjord we reach the charming village of Fjærland. Fjærland is perfect to explore on foot and until 1986 it was only possible to get to the village by boat. You can choose to explore the village on your own or join a guided tour of the glacier and the Norwegian Glacier Museum.

The Norwegian Bremuseum is an interactive museum that offers something for the whole family. The entrance ticket is included in the price. The museum shares knowledge about glaciers and climate in new innovative ways.

From the Norwegian Glacier Museum, the trip continues by bus up to Bøyabreen - an arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Here we have a little extra time to take some pictures and see up close how the glacier pushes itself into the landscape. For safety reasons, it is not possible to walk on the glacier, but you will see the glacier up close.

The bus then returns to Fjærland quay.

Back to the quay in Fjærland, the same boat takes you back to Vik. From Vik, the trip continues by bus to the spectacular Tvindefossen before returning to Voss.

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