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Glacier Tour - Fjord and Glacier Tour from Voss

On this amazing tour, attractions are coming as beads on a string. So keep your camera ready. Enjoy a beautiful cruise on the Fjærlandsfjord, see the magnicifent Jostedalsbreen Glacier, the spectacular viewpoint Storesvingen, the famous Stave church and more.

Season 1. July 2020 - 15. Sept 2020

The tour starts by minibus at the Voss Bus terminal, before heading towards Vik and Fjærland.

The tour towards Vik will take us across the Vikafjell passage, high up in the mountains, throught stunning landscapes. On these hights there may be snow close to the road, even in the summertime.

On the decent from “Vikafjell” mountain to Vik, the bus will stop at the viewpoint “Storesvingen”. The viewpoint offer magnicifent views of Vik Village and Sognefjorden, and excellent photo opportunities.

The village of Vik has a rich cultural heritage. The main attraction in Vik is the The richly decorated Stave Church “Hopperstad Stavkirke”. Hopperstad was built in 1130 and is, together with Urnes, the oldest stave church in existence. There will be a 30 min. stop to visit the Church.
From Vik the tour continue by boat to Fjærland. On the Fjord Cruise to Fjærland you may enjoy a good dinner, snacks and beverages on the spectacular Fjærlandsfjord.
On arrival Fjærland, The tour continues to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. The Norwegian Glacier Museum is an interactive museum which offers something for the whole family. The museum shares knowledge about glaciers and climate in new innovative ways.

From the Norwegian Glacier Museum the tour continues by bus up to Bøyabreen glacier – a branch of Jostedalsbreen glacier. Here we've dedicated some extra time to take some photos and see up close how the glacier presses itself into thelandscape.

The bus then returns to Fjærland quay, and the tour go back to Vik. From Vik the tour continues to the spectacular Tvindefossen waterfall. The waterfall is 110 meter high and very popular among tourists. There's many myths related to Tvindefossen waterfall. One of these is that the waterfall is a youth source!

Adults NOK 1.590.,
Children NOK 995,-

Start at 09.00 at Voss station
Return to Voss at 1920 in the evening.

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  • 12 August 09:00
  • 13 August 09:00
  • 14 August 09:00
  • 15 August 09:00
  • 16 August 09:00
  • 17 August 09:00
  • 18 August 09:00
  • 19 August 09:00