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Guided bicycle trip to Hardangerfjord - Bike the Fjords

This stunning ride along the beautiful west Norwegian Fjord lasts for eights days, with six days of bicycling, and let you have nice meals and good rest at The Historical Hotels & Restaurants along the ride.

Our guides will join you to assure that you will be on track and give you the best experience. A support vehicle will transport your luggage and further be at your service if needed. The average biking distances per day is about 30-50 km and requires that you are normally fit and have some bicycling experience.

Included in the trip:
- 6 days of biking with a guide
- Accomodation for 7 nights
- 5 three-course dinners
- Luggage transfer
- Rental bike
- Snacks and water


Day 1: Arrival – Welcome to Voss
We meet in the afternoon for a warm welcome at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant. This is a most special hotel in agricultural surroundings in the outskirts of Voss centre, all the rooms are uniquely designed and nicely decorated.

If time, we get toghether with the crew and the rest of the group who will join us on our trip. Information regarding the forthcoming trip will be given, and we will have a look at the bicycles to adjust the equipment for you.

You can choose between three different Scott bicycle types, read more about the bicycles here, and please let us know when you have decided.

There will be possibilities to go for a short evening trip to test the bikes, where you can head for the Mølstertunet open air Museum nearby, with a wonderful view to the centre of Voss and the lakes and mountains beyond. A three course dinner is included and will be served at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant in the evening.

- Highlights: Arrival in Voss, Voss Folk Museum Mølstertunet
- Bicycle lenght: 2 km (to check the equipment)
- Meals included: 3 course dinner
- Accommodation: Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant

Day 2: Biking around Voss
You enjoy a lovely breakfast at Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant before you get ready to start bicycling. We head for the Tvindefossen waterfall, which we will come quite close to and maybe even feel the water. There will be possibilities to buy a ice cream and enjoy the lovely view. Afterwards we pedal the same route back to Voss, where there will be several possibilites to buy an lunch when you return to the centre of Voss. After lunch we go for another bike ride around Lake Vangsvatnet. This ride around the Lake takes you through old farms and lovely scenery. You can read more about the two trips, Tvindefossen Waterfall and Lake Vangsvatnet here.

- Highlights: Tvindefossen waterfall, Lake Vangsvatnet, Voss town center
- Bicycle lenght: 54 km (31km before lunch and 23km after lunch)
- Meals included: Breakfast, 3 course dinner
- Accommodation: Store Ringheim Hotel & Restaurant

Day 3: We head to the fjords!
After a hearty breakfast we are ready to leave southwards heading for the Hardanger Fjord. There will be a gentle grading climb at the start of our trip for about 11 km. We will have a stop at the top of Skjervesfossen waterfall where we will feel the refreshing spray of the waterfall close to the road. We will continue our (steep) descent through some hairpin bends towards Granvin, a charming little village where we can have a coffee break and you will get the chance to buy a lunch or a snack. At Granvin we will also see the Hardanger Fjord for the first time. After the break we will be biking along the fjord side to Kvanndal, where we will be waiting for the ferryboat to carry us over to Utne, crossing the fjord. On the other side of the fjord you will see your next hotel on the quay, Utne Hotel.

- Highlights: Voss, Skjervesfossen waterfall, Granvin, Utne, Kvanndal, ferry crossing the Hardanger Fjord, The Hardangerfjord
- Bicycle lenght: 40 km
- Terrain: A long but gentle gradual climb to start with, then downhill and flat to the Hardanger fjord, somewehat hilly with climbs along the fjord to Kvanndal
- Meals included: Breakfast, 3 course dinner
- Accommodation: Utne Hotel

Day 4: Crossing the Hardangerfjord kind of day!
After breakfast at Utne Hotel we take the ferry over the fjord to Kinsarvik where we bike towards Ulvik. On this trip we will be crossing the famous Hardanger bridge before lunch which will be at Brakanes Hotel in Ulvik. After lunch we bike from Ulvik to Granvin and Kvanndal and then a ferry boat will carry us back to Utne. This is the same ferry as the day before. A 3 course dinner will be served at the hotel in the evening.

- Highlights: Kinsarvik, the great Hardanger Bridge, Ulvik, Espeland mountain valley,
- Bicycle lenght: 65 km
- Terrain: To start with both flat and hilly, a major climb after lunch
- Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, 3 course dinner
- Accommodation: Utne Hotel

Day 5: Biking along The Hardangerfjord
After breakfast at Utne Hotel with its wonderful surroundings, we head further southwards along the Hardanger Fjord, passing little fruit farms and charming small communities like Lothe and Alsåker. At Herand we will have a short stop for an ice cream and coffee in the tiny, cosy harbour. We continue pedaling towards Jondal, where there will be possibilities to buy a lunch meal on the quay. We continue the trip with a ferry boat from Jondal to Tørvikbygd before bicycling towards Norheimsund and the next hotel, Thon Hotel Sandven. In Norheimsund there are several places to buy a dinner this evening.

- Highlights: Fruit gardens are blossoming in May/June. In August/September you can pick cherries from your bicycle seatpost. Tiny cosy villages like Herand and Jondal, ferry crossing the Hardanger Fjord to Tørvikbygd, Norheimsund
- Bicycle lenght: 50 km
- Terrain: A mix of flat and hilly, 3-4 climbs
- Meals included: Breakfast, coffee and a ice cream in Herand
- Accommodation: Thon Hotel Sandven

Day 6: Day Off / Bicycling/ Hiking on your own
This day you can choose what kind of activity you would like to do in Norheimsund. We recommend you to have a look at the Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, which is located only 2 km from your hotel. In Norheimsund there are also museums you can visit, using your bicycle to get around by yourself. It is also possible to go for a hike from Norheimsund. You deside what you want to do this day! In the evening you can buy your dinner in Norheimsund or in the hotel.

- Highlights: Norheimsund, Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, The Hardanger Fjord
- Bicycle lenght: 0 km (Day off)
- Terrain: Mostly flat, some small hills
- Meals: Breakfast
- Accommodation: Thon Hotel Sandven

Day 7: Last day of biking, ending the day in the spa!
We continue the last part of the route along the fjord to Mundheim, where we head for a small climb as we are leaving the Hardanger Fjord. Slightly the landscape changes, the mountains come closer, and a couple of lakes come up as we are approaching Skjelbreid for lunch. This day we need to bring a lunch packet and enjoy our lunch outside. After admiring the wonderful view from this place during the lunch, we continue pedaling downwards to the Fusa Fjord and a new ferry crossing at Venjaneset. From Hatvik on the other side of the Fusa Fjord, there is a short distance of biking to our next grand hotel, Solstrand Hotel & Spa which is wonderfully situated on the Bjørna Fjord. With its beautiful garden and luxury facilities like the spa and the pools, you must make sure to relax and enjoy it all before dinner is served.

- Highlights: Strandebarm a cosy village, outdoor lunch, ferry ride across the Fusa Fjord
- Bicycle lenght: 75 km
- Terrain: Mostly flat, a couple of climbs
- Meals: breakfast, lunch packet, 3 course dinner
- Accommodation: Solstrand Hotel & Spa

Day 8: Last day – transfer to Bergen
After breakfast at Solstrand Hotel & Spa there is possibility to add on a night accommodation in Bergen (on request), for sightseeing in the lovely city of Bergen.
Alternative: transfer to Bergen or Bergen Airport Flesland on your own


  • 24 July
  • 25 July
  • 26 July
  • 27 July
  • 28 July
  • 29 July