Guided ski touring with Wild Voss

Do you want to experience putting the first track down from the top of a mountain or in playful forest terrain? Get top hike equipment and ready to explore new areas? With a competent and locally known guide from Wild Voss, you get a shortcut to the best snow

Guide summit tours customize your level
We have made it easier for you to choose the right trip. In the menu below you will find level-divided tours. The weather and the amount of snow determine what the trip plan will be on the individual trip. The guide knows where the chances are greatest that you will have a good experience on skis, whether you are a beginner or experienced. We have divided it into three levels:

Is a beginner at top touring skiing.
Go on trips that last for 3-5 hours.

Have been on some summit hikes before.
Go on trips that last for 5-7 hours.

Have several peak tour seasons behind you.
Go on trips that last for 6-9 hours.

What do you get to experience?
Our guided summit hikes are about creating mastery and skiing joy in the winter mountains. Many of the participants on our trips say that they will not have to worry about whether their road choices and landslide risk assessments are good enough. We know that you get a better hiking experience when you feel safe and can get advice and guidance along the way.

Why join a guided summit tour?
Our guides prepare the trip thoroughly and bring with them useful safety equipment. We are skiing in Vossafjella all winter. We have updated information about snowfall and solid area knowledge.

The guide's experience from previous trips in the area means that he avoids dangerous terrain, understands the group's needs, and takes measures that ensure efficient relocation. In addition, you can learn a lot about safe travel in the winter mountains by taking part in the hiking craft and enjoy the knowledge that the guide has acquired over many years on hikes in various areas. Security gives the greater joy to hiking!

From the snow settles in December to the end of May.

Requirements for participants
If you are healthy and are in normal psychical shape, you can join us on a summit tour. Participants must be free of symptoms of colds or respiratory infections. We follow the current Covid-19 measures. You will find more information about who the trip is suitable for under each trip category.

The price includes:
All the guide's preludes
Our travel expenses
All necessary safety equipment
Rental of avalanche equipment
Guided tour and teaching by a qualified guide.

Not included in the price:
Personal accident insurance/travel insurance (taken out by the individual participant in advance).
Ski equipment rental.

If you want more information about the trip, please contact Øystein on telephone +47 93484041, send an e-mail to [email protected] or check out the website wildvoss.no.

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