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Introduction to whitewater kayaking, Voss, Outdoor Norway

Our Level 1 River Kayaking course is a perfect course for anyone who is willing to learn the fundamental skills of Whitewater Kayaking in order to be able to navigate themselves safely down smaller rapids on – Grade II – rivers.

The aim of this course is to provide beginner Whitewater Kayakers with a fun two days on the river building a solid foundation of basic whitewater kayaking skills.

We will focus on developing your personal paddling skills, teaching you how to read the river, safe river running strategies as well as some basic whitewater safety and rescue techniques.

2 Days/16hrs total

May – October

May 22 and 23
June 19 and 20
June 26 and 27 (First weekend at Ekstremsportveko)
July 03 and 04 (Second weekend at Ekstremsportveko)
July 17 and 18
August 7 and 8
September 4 and 5

*Specific dates available on request. Minimum 3 participants or payment equivalent.

3150NOK Youth (10 years old to 17 years old)

You will usually be in a group of four with one instructor. Meeting your instructor on the first morning provides an opportunity to discuss people’s experience and aspirations, which along with the weather forecast and water levels will enable us to plan the day’s activity with you.

Day one we will start on flat water or in a pool before moving onto a Grade 1 river section so we can start learning the essential skills and develop your confidence in a controlled environment. On day two we will paddle a river that offers us the best water and at the appropriate grade for the group’s needs, this should include some Grade 2.

Whilst on the river we will be able to spend time coaching and developing your personal paddling skills. In addition to this we will be looking at developing your safe river running skills to help you leave the course feeling confident to safely paddle a similar grade of river with friends.

As part of this whitewater safety and rescue is essential, there may be an opportunity to look at a variety of aspects of this during the day as well.

Basic Strokes Leaning & turning
Simple rescue – self & others
River etiquette
Grade 1-2 whitewater
Scouting & river hazards
Reading water
Breaking in & out of the current
Ferry glides

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  • 22 May 2021 - 19 Jun 2021