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Lønahorgi hikes for three different levels - Wild Voss

Family hikes, peak ascent and climbing. The east side of Horgi has a lot to offer!

Immediately north of Voss lies the impressive mountain called Lønahorgi, or just "Horgi". Rising to 1410 meters above sea level, this mountain isn't quite the highest one in Voss. But none of its mountain neigbours can match it in terms of accessibility, esthetics and character.

​We think the east side of the mountain has most to offer. Our multilingual and competent guides are happy to take you on various types of hikes, depending on your wishes and ambitions. We offer both family-friendly hikes on old paths used for mountain farming, as well as demanding peak ascents. Below you'll find closer descriptions of three different trips.

1. The cultural landscape below Lønahorgi.
2. Peak ascent of Lønahorgi.
3. Alpine ascent of the East pillar.