New Years Eve celebration

Every year we invite the guests for an unforgettable cozy evening with good food and drinks, as well as good view for the fireworks.

THE NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION starts at seven o'clock with some exciting non-alcoholic drinks for an aperitif at the reception and a half-hour small talk with acquaintances and strangers.

At half past seven we entered a warm and cozy Restaurant Flor’n, which is the New Year's decoration for the evening. With a fire in the fireplace, and with some good local drinks in the glass, we sat down at the table and were ready for a really good dining experience.

The original plan was now to offer exciting wine packages for the New Year's party for those who wished then, but this is not the case as it is known as there is a national stopover this evening.

But do not despair, we will of course find good alternatives with non-alcoholic drinks that will fit well with the evening's party menu! When the waiters have had their drink in the glass dive, well then we are ready for the first starter…

About five or six dishes take time, but we are finished well before midnight. When the food is consumed and one is good and full, then the coffee is served while the conversation moves easily between the guests. Maybe we will be a little louder when we listen to hold this meter, but then it will probably go well, they will see.

So, a little before twelve, Svein prepares the fireworks. When the clock strikes twelve, we take a glass of scorching good apple juice with us out on the terrace and garden. There we wish for another "Good Aor and Thank you Fø da Gamla" on the coron newspaper, while the fireworks crackle both here and beyond the village. It is of course nice ver :)

The evening will end in a calm form - where we look forward to the day when the corona does not breathe in our necks all the time.

Do you like good food and can you imagine celebrating New Year with us, yes then you book a table via e-mail or by phone to reception / restaurant 954 06 135.

There will be a limited number of guests this evening. The New Year's party will of course be conducted in accordance with current infection control rules and restrictions. We also expect our guests to stay home if they have a touch of respiratory infection or are ill.

As of today, we have available rooms for long-distance travel. See more here on our website what we have available.

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