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Njardarheimr - Gudvangen Viking Village

Travel a thousand years back and experience how it was to be a Viking!

Viking Valley, Gudvangen - in the heart of the unique UNESCO listed Norwegian fjord landscape - is the setting for the town of Njardarheimr, bringing to life the real history and culture of the Viking age.

Our gates are open to everyone interested in experiencing and learning about the Vikings, how they lived, worked and influenced the wider world. Walk our streets and become part of a living town, populated by an international community of Viking enthusiasts.

In Njardarheimr Viking Valley, you get to explore a real Viking community with real Vikings that lives almost like in the Viking age most of the year.

Walking around the town of Njardarheimr, you will learn about Viking life, routines, architecture, religion, food and handicraft.

Gathering around meals was important also in the Viking age. In "Heidrun", you can taste food made by old methods with ingredients available 1000 years ago. What about a freshly baked pan bread with salmon or cured sausage with wild-garlic sour cream for lunch?

To get most out of your visit, we recommend you to join “The Viking Experience”. This is a 45 minutes guided tour of the town, included in the entry ticket.

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  • 13 July 10:00
  • 14 July 10:00
  • 15 July 10:00
  • 16 July 10:00
  • 17 July 10:00
  • 18 July 10:00
  • 19 July 10:00
  • 20 July 10:00