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How can you assess how safe it is to pass an exit area or drive down a steep slope? Our 24-hour Advanced avalanche course gives you robust knowledge and safe methods for traffic in challenging avalanche terrain.

Advanced avalanche course - active and rich in content!
Our 24-hour Advanced avalanche course gives you a replenishment of important knowledge and guidance in safe skiing. More knowledge gives you greater joy in going on a trip! Most of the course takes place on summit hikes, with emphasis on practical exercises and active participation. We practice methods that enable you to travel safely in Challenging avalanche terrain (KAST class 2). Vossafjella is snow-sure and has a rich selection of summit hikes that lend themselves well to avalanche courses. The course could therefore be completed in almost all kinds of weather and under all kinds of conditions. The late winter offers a lot of daylight and good snow conditions - ideal for a rich and intensive course.

Landslide learning - this is what you will learn more about:
- Trip planning. How to find the safest trip with the best snow?
- Use of Cautious RegObs.
- Terrain classification with KAST, both on the map and in the terrain.
- Active management of alert landslide problems. The filter method. Selection of terrain, descent, and safety measures.
- Snow cover analysis. Systematic snow cover survey (SSU), weak layers, stability tests.
- Methods for on-the-go assessment (ALPTRUTH).
- Pattern for skiing - ski buddy. Communication, line selection, and safety stops.
- Camera rescue in avalanches with search, excavation, and basic first aid.
- Decision making in avalanche terrain. How to avoid decision traps? FACETS.
- Secure knowledge and unreliable experiences.

Plan for implementation
The course is based at our office at Tre Brør Café and Bar in the center of Voss. There we gather for theory sessions and trip planning. It will be possible to buy food and drink from the café.

About accommodation and meal:
You must basically arrange accommodation and meals on the course yourself. We are happy to help you with tips about accommodation in Voss.

Requirements for participants
You must have experience from summit hikes in the high mountains in winter. You must be able to dress for skiing in the high mountains. You have good enough slate skills to master changing weather and snow conditions, both up and down. You ski in a controlled manner, and in shorter steep slopes (30-35 degrees). You have avalanche knowledge corresponding to the basic avalanche course or basic summit hiking course.

If you want to know some more information about the course, you can check out the website, make a call on +47 93484041 or send an email to [email protected].

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