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Tandem white water kayaking - Kayak Voss

Experience the thrill of white water kayaking without needing any previous experience.

Best for those who wish to dive right into whitewater or have limited time.

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The whitewater will be chosen based on water levels and your own will for the thrill. The trip will first begin with a relaxing warm-up run where you will have the chance to get used to the equipment and get your first taste of whitewater. The trip will then continue through different challenging rapids with your guide always guiding you at the back of the tandem kayak.

Duration: 3 hours for a half day trip, 6 hours for a full day trip.

Generally a half day is 9.00 - 13.00 or 14.00 - 18.00. Contact us if you would like to arrange different times.

What you will need:
- Your own thermals, wool socks, and shoes that can get wet

What this trip includes:
- All kayaking equipment and immersion protection
- Shuttle transportation
- Vossasjøt BBQ lunch
- Photo and video of the trip


  • 14 September 09:00
  • 15 September 09:00
  • 16 September 09:00
  • 17 September 09:00
  • 18 September 09:00
  • 19 September 09:00
  • 20 September 09:00
  • 21 September 09:00