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Voss Gondol

To the mountains in nine minutes with Voss Gondol! Voss Gondol opened in July 2019. The new gondola is open all year, and takes you from the train- and bus station in Voss and to Mount Hanguren (820 masl) in under nine minutes. This is the largest and most modern mountain gondola in Northern Europe.

At the top station you will have a panoramic view to many of the mountains surrounding the town of Voss. You'll also find a variety of activities here - in the summertime you can go hiking, biking, padagliding or rappelling. In the winter the gondola takes you to the big ski resort Voss Resort, where you can have fun in the snow all day.

Some facts about Voss Gondol:

*Capacity: 1069 pers/hour
*Number of cabins: 9
*Capacity per cabin: 34 pers.
*Height difference : 763 meters
*Top station: Hangurstoppen/Mount Hanguren (820 masl)
*Length: 2020 metres
*Travel time: 8 min 48 sec
*Type of gondola: Leitner Ropeways 3S

Hangurstoppen Restaurant:
At the top station of the gondola you'll also find Hangurstoppen Restaurant. The restaurant has room for 450 people and serves cold and warm dishes made from local ingredients

Contact information


  • 20 January 09:00
  • 21 January 09:00
  • 22 January 09:00
  • 23 January 09:00
  • 24 January 09:00
  • 25 January 09:00
  • 26 January 09:00
  • 27 January 09:00