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VisitVoss logs traffic to this website anonymously. This information can in no way be traced back to individuals. Data is logged for the purpose of optimizing the website to increase user-friendliness for our visitors. This is the default for most websites.

In order to be able to log traffic to and on our website, a cookie is placed in your browser. You can remove this cookie yourself, by following the instructions in your browser.

VisitVoss uses Google Analytics for site measurement.



A "cookie" is a text file that is stored in the browser. This is standard internet technology used on most websites today. The majority of browsers such as Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are set to accept cookies automatically. If you do not want such information to be stored in your browser, you must enter the settings in the relevant browser and deactivate this functionality.

Note that this setting may cause some websites to malfunction.


The Norwegian Data Protection Authority

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has prepared rules for the use of analysis tools on Norwegian websites.

«Companies that use analysis tools on their website must ensure that the processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the privacy rules. This means that: After collection, the IP addresses are anonymized or changed so that visitors to the site can not be traced back to a specific hardware and thus to an individual. In Google Analytics, the anonymization feature must be enabled. Processing of collected information shall only be used for statistical purposes. The company shall not collect more information than is necessary for this purpose. Visitors to the website shall be provided with information on what information is collected and processed and how this is done. Companies that use another party or supplier, ie a data processor to perform the analysis for themselves, are still responsible for how the processing takes place. This means: The company must have control over what information the data processor handles and how. The gap between the company and the data processor must be such that the processing satisfies Norwegian privacy legislation. The company cannot accept the data processor's own terms, without these being in line with Norwegian law. "

Source: The Norwegian Data Protection Authority on the use of Google Analytics


In line with laws and regulations

All VisitVoss websites are in line with the Data Protection Authority’s laws and regulations for the collection and processing of data about its visitors.