Attractions in Voss

Explore the variety of nature and culture attractions in Voss! 

If you want to explore the forces of nature up close, we recommend a visit to one of the waterfalls surrounding Voss - like Tvindefossen or Skjervsfossen. Bordalsgjelet Gorge is also a beautiful nature attraction within walking distance from the town centre, where you can see how the ice and water has shaped the landscape over thousands of years. Driving down the hairpin road of Stalheimskleiva in the summer time is also a must!

Voss also has a rich cultural history - and luckily it's well preserved. Finnesloftet from the medieval times is the oldest wooden non-ecclesiastical bulding in Norway - from the year 1295! We also remcommend a visit to the beautiful Vangskyrkja church in the middle of Voss, from year 1277. At Voss Folk Museum the old farm buildings are standing just as they were when people lived and farmed here for several hundred years ago. Here you will get an unique glimpse into our history! 

The attractions of Voss lies before you - what do you want to explore first?

A great way to explore Voss and learn more about our town is to go on a guided tour with a local expert. 
We also have several museums and exhibits that are worth a visit. 

Look at some of our guided tours in the album below or go to our booking page by clicking here

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