A good meal in Voss will make your Voss experience complete
Eat well at one of the great restaurants or cafés that Voss has to offer

Voss is well-known throughout the country for it's specialities in traditional norwegian food - such as smalahove (smoked head of sheep) and vossakorv (smoked sausage). In the olden days the meat that was produced on the farms in Voss was always smoked, so it would last longer as people didn't have much money. Today, these ways of preseving food is still a big part of the food traditions in Voss, and the smoked meat plays the main role in many festive dishes. Voss is also known around the world for our beer brewing traditions. We have a unique yeast that is used in the process that dates back hundreds of years. You can join a tasting session with the Voss breweries or dive deeper into the traditional brewing methods at Eldhuset Dale (Firehouse at Dale).

The smalahove season is normally in the autumn, but at Smalahovetunet you can try the speciality from Voss all year round. Very tasty, and an experience you won't forget! If you want to taste some other kinds of local meat that's not head-shaped, and if you want to eat like the locals do, we recommend that you try the "raspekaker" at Vangen Café. Served every thursday!

A guide to dining in Voss

A unique place to visit in Voss is the several hundred year old farm Store Ringheim, which is now made into a small boutique hotel and a restaurant. In the restaurant - FLOR'n - you are eating your dinner in the old cow- and sheepshed! Exiting dishes made from local ingredients are on the menu, and the menu always reflects the seasons.

Local Food from Voss - in Voss

Many restaurants and cafés are very good at using local ingredients. You can see our overview under

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Pubs and bars

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