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Snowboarder hopper utfor kant i Voss Resort
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Ett par på fjellskitur i myrkdalen
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Voss - the Adventure Capital of Norway

When visiting Voss, located in the heart of Fjord Norway - just over an hour from Bergen, and in the middle between the Sognefjord and the Hardangerfjord, prepare to be amazed by the contrasts. One moment it`s all about the adrenaline ‭and amazing activities, the next about relaxing in the finest of natural landscapes. Throughout the ‭whole year Voss offers a large assortment of activities that you can choose from. 

Voss is globally known as the "extreme sports village", and here you can try everything from skydiving to rafting in safe conditions. In the summer and autumn, you can spend a lifetime exploring the various hikes in our mountains. In the winter time skiing is the biggest activity in Voss, and we have two ski resorts that you can visit.

The brand new Voss Gondol, that is located by the train station, will take you to the top of Mount Hanguren, all year round.

Welcome to your adventure in Voss!



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Voss is located in the heart of Fjord Norway, right in between Bergen and Sognefjord, and is also containing a small part of the Hardangerfjord. Voss has become an important hub for public transportation, and major roads such as E16 and Rv13 are running trough town, along with the scenic Bergen Railway.

The town has produced world class nature- and cultural experiences for hundreds of years, and incorporates local culture, tradition and sports in what it can offer visitors.

Voss Municipality has approximately 15.500 inhabitants, and tourism is the most important industry. Agriculture and forestry have long traditions in the whole area and are still important.

Sports and culture have always played a big part in the local community, and Voss is known for the many Olympic and World Cup medal winners in various winter sports.

Voss Turistinformasjon

Turistinformasjonen på Voss finn du på gatenivå ved Voss Stasjon. Opningstider finn du her.

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