The day trip cabin in Voss

The day trip cabin in Voss is beautifully situated on Klepp (600 meters above sea level) on the north side of lake Vangsvatnet. The day trip cabin is free for everyone, all year round. Inside the cabin, you can eat your packed lunch, warm up (or dry off) by the fireplace, and enjoy books from the cabin's library. Overnight stays in the cabin are not allowed. Any damage or other issues with the cabin can be reported to Voss Municipality at phone number 56519400.

How to get there:
You can reach the cabin by walking from the town center or from mount Hanguren (top of the gondola). There is a marked trail from Hangurstoppen and from the parking lot at Heggjavad.

It is important to park at the parking lot at Heggjavad. Parking along the road and at meeting places is not allowed. Also, remember to pay the parking fee.

Access from Voss Folk Museum, Mølstertunet: From Mølstertunet, walk 30 meters on the T-marked trail towards Hanguren. At the first intersection, turn left and continue on the trail heading west. When you reach the tractor road after about 2 km, turn right. The hike continues up the tractor road for about 2 km until you reach the day trip cabin. The hike is 4 km with a 450-meter ascent.

Access from mount Hangurstoppen: Follow the signs to the day trip cabin along the Grebbeløypa trail. At the Gråurdsdale intersection, turn left and follow the signage to the day trip cabin, approximately 2 km. There is a great view and a cozy picnic spot here! From the day trip cabin, there are many trails to Voss town center. A nice hike is to follow the forest road to the left behind the red cabin behind the day trip cabin. This road winds down the hill for about 2 km before you can turn left onto the main trail towards Mølster and then onwards towards Voss town center.

Access from the parking lot at Heggjavad: Drive to Raugstad and further up to Heggjavad (parking fee). From the parking lot, walk down the road for about 400 meters. Here, turn left and walk up the tractor road for about 2.2 km until you reach the day trip cabin. The tractor road is used for forestry work, so please be considerate. The hike is 2.6 km with a 270-meter ascent.

Show consideration for the grazing animals
There are grazing animals in the area. Please close the gates behind you and show consideration for the animals.

Leash Law
You are welcome to bring your dog on a trip to the day trip cabin, but we remind you of the leash law regulations that apply to Voss municipality.

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