Family rafting, Voss Active

Rafting grade 2 is called family rafting. This tour is perfect for families, school groups or other groups with children under 15 years of age, or for those considering grade 3/4 rafting to be too hard core.

About the trip
We usually take both large, steady rafts, and small 2-man Duckies, for those who want more challenge. Parents can send their kids off on adventures alone, or join the fun! Either way we promise a lot of water and fun for everyone!

Vosso River:
This river runs from Voss to Evanger on the way to Bergen. We start in flat water then go with the flow for about 7 km, passing sections of gentle rapids with waves and whirlpools, ending in the Evanger lake where refreshments await.

NB! We do not recommend bringen children under 12 in the duckies. Chances of falling into the river is bigger in the duckies and it could ruin the experience for the smallest children. Larger and more stable rafts are a better option for them.

Guest Requirements:
- Min. 5 y/o, this year.
- Normal Physical Health
- Swimming isnt required, but you should feel comfortable in the water
- Sober!
- Please inform [email protected] of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy etc.

- About 3 hours base to base
- About 1,5 hours on river.

- All equipment
- Refreshment during trip

You need!
- Swimming suit/shorts
- Towel for showers
- Thermal underwear if cold

NB! This booking is done directly through Voss Active. If you need to make any changes to your boooking, plase contact them directly.

Additional products available when ordering:
Pickup: Voss Station to Voss Active
NOK 75 per person
From Voss Station
30 minutes before the trip

Drop-Off: Voss Active to Voss Station
NOK 75 per person
From the Rafting Center
30 minutes after the trip

30 minutes
NOK 150 per person
Right after the rafting trip

In our restaurant after the trip
NOK 245 per person (NOK 180 per child)
Vegetarian Options available

Towel, rental
NOK 60 per person

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