Fly med bedrifta, Voss Vind
Fly med bedrifta, Voss Vind
Fly med bedrifta, Voss Vind
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Flying for companies at Voss Vind

At VossVind you can combine the professional business with social activities

VossVind is Norways first vertical, recirculating wind tunnel. In a wind tunnel you can experience to fly in a safe and controlled environment. Many are thinking of flying in the wind tunnel as an extreme sport, but it is not. It is completely safe – just extremely fun!

We can host your clientele meetings, staff meetings, team building, conferences and more. Combine your business with soaring the wind for a perfect company outing! We have two adjoining meeting rooms that can be merged into one big room with capacity for 25 people.

Day meetings
Clientele meetings
Staff trips
Leader meetings

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