Dame flyr i vindtunnelen til vossvind
Barn flyr i vindtunnelen til vossvind
Dame venter på å fly i vindtunnelen til vossvind
Familie etter flyging hjå voss vind

Voss Vind

Fly like Superman in our wind tunnel in Voss!

VossVind is Norway's first vertical, recirculating wind tunnel. Here you can experience flying in a safe and controlled environment, and this is an exciting activity suitable for all ages! The lower age limit is 5 years, and the oldest person to have flown in the wind tunnel is 102 years old. VossVind is open all year round, and no prior knowledge is required to fly.

Guaranteed to be a memorable experience!

VossVind offers packages that include instruction in advance, equipment rental and an instructor who is with you all the time inside the tunnel. Here are the packages they offer:

Small package 2 flights per person
For those who want to try the wind tunnel and the feeling of flying.

Medium package 4 flights per person
Our recommended package. For those who want to try the wind tunnel, with more time to learn how to have fun. Perhaps you prefer to fly on your own?

Large package 6 flights per person
For those who really want to feel mastery and self-confidence. How about finishing with a little competition against each other in the wind tunnel?

NB! Meet 40 minutes before the scheduled flight time for instruction and distribution of equipment. Each flight is 1.5 minutes. In total, you need to calculate about 1.5 hours for the entire program.

Opening hours are Wednesday - Sunday all year round, and it is open every day during holidays (winter, Easter, summer, autumn, Christmas). For larger groups, they can open up outside opening hours - never hesitate to get in touch.

VossVind caters for most disabilities. They have flown visually impaired, blind and deaf people. Former patients with cancer and MS who have enough energy and are in good shape have also had good flying experiences with them. They have also been visited by people with prostheses/amputations, partial or total paralysis of the legs, and other reduced functional abilities. If there are people with greater challenges, we are happy to assist with two instructors to give them a taste of flying weightless. Please contact us in each case, as this makes it easier for them to make the best possible arrangements.

VossVind asks anyone with shoulder, neck and/or back injuries to contact us before flying. If you have had a dislocated shoulder, you are advised not to fly, as they may dislocate again (due to the position you are in). Please contact us for questions.

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