Easy Bicycle trips in Voss

Around lake Vangsvatnet

vangsvatnet rundt, på sykkel
Photo: Anne Gjeraker

Slightly hilly asphalt trail on less busy roads. Simple trail that suits those over 10 years. The trip goes through many courtyards, farms and passes small waterfalls and has several attractions along the way.

The trip starts at Voss church and goes on the north side of Vangsvatnet in the direction of Bergen (along the E16). From the church, follow the sidewalk on the right side of the road. After about 250 meters you pass Fleischer's Hotel, and the cycle path continues on the left side of the road and roundabout. After 1.1 km you pass Voss Vandrarheim. You continue up the bridge that goes over the main road and turn left right after crossing it. Follow the cycle path that takes you down from the bridge and continue parallel to the road (E16). The cycle path is separated from the road with white markings, guardrail and grass before you enter the "old road", which follows the terrain through the farms above the main road.

After 8 km you will reach the end of the lake and here you cross the river Vosso. Turn left right after the bridge and you should have a big white apartment block on the right side of the road. Follow the road on the south side of Vangsvatnet towards the center of Voss.

Towards the end of the trip, you have two options;
* Alternative 1: Turn left over the bridge Langebrua and continue through Uttrågata and you are immediately back at Voss church.
* Alternative 2: After crossing the bridge over the gorge, continue along the road to the descent. Near the bottom of the descent there is a large red house, turn left down to the river and then cross the river Vosso on the bridge Tintrabrua. Here you cycle straight ahead on the gravel road through Prestegardsmoen. At the exit from the forest, you will pass Voss camping on your right side. Continue straight through the avenue and end the trip at Voss church.

Attractions along the route
* Bordalsgjelet gorge
* Prestegardsmoen outdoor area

Length: Approx. 23 km
Estimated time: 1 - 2 hours
Terrain: Asphalt sidewalk and country road

Voss City Center – Bømoen Park

The route runs in slightly hilly terrain partly on asphalt, gravel and partly on a path / forest trail.

Start the trip at Voss church and follow the sidewalk at E16 to the traffic light. Continue towards Hardanger along Rv13 over the bridge Langabrua (across the river Vosso). Furthermore, you cycle past the Amfi shopping center on a cycle path. The cycle path then meets the road Brynalivegen. Turn right here and continue along the sidewalk up the hill. The bike path starts on the left side just before Voss Energi. It crosses under the road Rv13 and goes along Rv13 on the left side for about 700 m. Turn left over the river Raundalselva at the KIWI store.

When you have passed Palmafossen elementary school, turn right at the sports field towards Bømoen.
Furthermore, you can cycle on paths / gravel roads or on asphalt until you pass Bømoen military camp. Continue along the main dirtroad to Bjørke bridge.
Then use the same road back to Voss center and Voss church.

Attractions along the route:
* Voss Parachute Club (landing area, café, playground)
* Palmafossen power plant (where one crosses the Raundal river, just before Palmafossen school)

Estimated time: 1 - 1/2 hour
Length: 20 km

Voss City Center - Tvindefossen Waterfall 

via Voss Golfcourse

Tvindefossen på Voss
Foto: Paul Edmundson

Slightly hilly asphalt trail on a bike path and less busy road, where you pass 4 idyllic lakes in a row. Due to heavy traffic on the E16, it is recommended to cycle the same road in both directions.  

The trip starts at Voss church and goes eastward on the sidewalk to the traffic light (400m). Turn left at the junction and follow the pavement / cycle path further along the E16. You pass the railway (Bergen-Oslo) in the underpass at Lundarosen. After 3 km you pass Voss agriculture school on the right and the road to Bavallen / Voss Resort on the left. Right after the school, turn right at the crossroads towards Nedkvitne and leave the E16 at the Coop Extra store. Just before the bridge you will pass Voss Active rafting center.

At the first main junction, turn left along Nedkvitnevegen. The trail continues in hilly terrain on the east side of the lakes Melsvatnet and Lønavatnet. Then continue until you reach E16 and Tvinde. You have to cross the E16 to get all the way to Tvindefossen.

Due to heavy traffic, we would advise you to cycle the same way back to Vangskyrkja.

Attractions along the route:
* Voss Golf Courses
* Nesheimstunet
* Tvindefossen

Time: 2 - 3 hours
Length: 30 km
Terrain: Asphalt bike path and country road

Voss City Center – Skjervefossen Waterfall

Skjerve som svingar seg gjennom skogen
Foto: Bike The Fjords

Asphalt with easy ascent. If you cycle down to Skjervsfossen, you also get a somewhat steeper climb on the return.

From the center of Voss, cycle south on Rv13 towards Granvin. This road leads to the walking and cycling path that goes to Skjervsfossen, 11 km.
To enter the bike path, turn right when you come to the road marked Lid.
You must cross the main road once, before the cycle path continues on the right side of the road.
From here there will be a steady climb for the first 5-6 km. Remember to get a good look of Skjervsfossen. Return the same way.

Attractions along the route:
* Skjervsfossen

Estimated time:
Length: 27 km