Firehouse experience at Voss

Come and feel the atmosphere around the fire in the firehouse, while Kjetil talks about the brewing tradition.

A firehouse house experience is a little break from the world outside the old walls. The open fire can be watched for hours. In Eldhuset dale, there is a rig with benches and chairs around the over 100-year-old boiler. Around the firehouse, there are decorations that take you back to another time, and on the ceiling, there is some atmospheric light. Even on a gray rainy day, the atmosphere in the firehouse is warm and cozy.

The firehouse experience is a short version of the firehouse brewing. Here you get to experience one of the central parts of brewing traditional beer, without all the waiting; Trekking of einerlåg.

Number of persons: min 4, max 15
Time: 2-3 hours
Pulling of crackling lid (translated: fire under the pot, bring to a boil, put juniper down the pot, extract of juniper log).
Kjetil tells about brewing farm beer and the history of the firehouses, and what he does next in the brewing process.
There will also be the smell and tasting of the juniper extract.
Tasting of brews made with kveik and easy serving of local cured meats.

Einerlåg, or Sprakalóg, is an important ingredient in traditional home brew. It gives good taste and aroma, and one uses and the twigs to "rust" (sieve or grate) in the mash barrel so that the malt does not sink to the bottom and clog the tap.

It is picked in the forest before cooking, and one uses twigs, needles and junipers. These give tannic acid, resin, and oils from the wood to the beer.

The "Einarlåg" also has an antibacterial effect, and has from ancient times been used for cleaning and disinfection of brewing vessels and equipment.

NOTE! Age limit 18 years.

Wear clothes that can withstand the smell of fire.

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