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Hangurstoppen Restaurant

Great views and locally produced food at the top station of Voss Gondol!

Hangurstoppen Restaurant is, with its seating capacity for 450 people and two floors, Voss’ largest restaurant and aprés ski. Here, you can enjoy homemade meals, based on local ingredients from several farms in and around Voss. The menu is based on the simple and rustic,
combined with great flavours.

Opening hours:
July 10th - July 27th 2019: Every day from 09:00 - 21:00 (Bar closes at 22:30). Last return with Voss Gondol at 23:00.
July 28th - September 15th 2019: Every day from 09:00 - 21:00. Last return with Voss Gondol at 22:00.
September 16th - December 1st 2019: Every day from 09:00 17:00. Last return with Voss Gondol at 18:00.

At Hangurtoppen Restaurant, all food is cooked from scratch. The restaurant serves homemade and local food, with ingredients from several local farmers. You can order both cold and warm dishes.

Examples from the lunch menu is wrap with organic chicken, ciabatta with brie from Ostegården and rye bread with juniper-smoked rainbow trout from Leiren Laks. Some of the dishes available throughout the entire day is the "Hang-burger" with meat from Selheim Gard and the "Hangur-sausage" with meat from Smalahovetunet.

The large outdoor-area and generous windows provide a good view of the natural surroundings and mountains at the top.

See full menus here!

Meetings & Groups:
Hangurstoppen Restaurant welcome companies, groups and organisations. Here, you’ll find conference and meeting facilities for approx. 50 people.

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