Trugetur i Raundalen
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Snowshoeing in Raundalen - Wild Voss

Would you like to walk through a forest blanketed by deep snow? Or enjoy the stillness of free nature during its long winter sleep?

Our guided snowshoeing trip to Raundalen is a good way for you to get a real winter experience without the need of skis. This is a non-technical and family-friendly experience in the snow, surrounded by impressive, wild nature. Raundalen is a secluded valley featuring wild and unspoilt mountain nature. The beautiful Raundalen River winds its way through narrow gorges and forested marshlands. Snowy mountains with steep hillsides frame the valley on both sides. Deer, elks and other wild animals can be spotted, if we are lucky. The railway line between Bergen and Oslo runs through this valley, allowing for practical and emission-free access.

During a typical day out, your guide will make sure you learn basic skills for safe travel in winter, introduce you to both nature and local culture and make sure you feel comfortable at all times.

At our lunch spot for the day, we build a bonfire together and enjoy something hot to drink and a bite to eat. Here’s an opportunity for you to learn what it takes to make a bonfire of your own. We use the heat of the flames to prepare our meal. If the weather is bad, we’ll join forces and build an improvised shelter to keep us dry and out of the wind. You'll find that the time spent near the bonfire provides a good opportunity for contemplation and leaving the civilised world behind for a few moments.

Season and availability:
Trips are run daily in the winter season - from December 15th to April 21st. Group sizes:
1-12 participants.

This is a non-technical and family-friendly excursion. This trip is suitable for healthy people who would like to spend some time in peaceful, unspoilt nature. This trip takes you through woodland terrain, which means we are normally sheltered from strong winds and inclement weather. No prior hiking or skiing experience is required.


Questions? Contact Øystein at + 47 93484041 or send a e-mail to [email protected]

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