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Tandem paragliding - Voss Hang- and Paraglider Club

Experience the easiest way to fly and see Voss from the air!

Voss Hang- and Paraglider Club offers tandem paragliding trips in Voss all year.

This is a unique way to see Voss from the air, and an unforgettable experience. Most of the flights start at top of Mount Hanguren, with landing in the centre of Voss. It is also possible to get pulled up by a boat on Lake Vangsvatnet.

Regular price from Hangur (not including gondola ticket): 2400,- NOK
Price for flights from other mountain takeoffs (including transport): 2900,- NOK
Price for flight in Aurland: 3400,- NOK
Price for flight with boat-tow launch 2900,- NOK
Extra for photos/video using the pilots equipment 200,- NOK

Most days we fly from Hangur, near the top station of Voss Gondol. You must pay your own one-way ticket to the the top to get to the take-off. Depending on weather, we might have to choose another takeoff location (mountain or winch). All prices are in norwegian kroner and are paid directly to the pilot.

Regular price covers equipment, instruction, flight and transport to the start from Voss town center.

In the summer season it is also possible to sign up for beginners courses.

For booking - contakt Voss Hang- and Paraglider Club!

E-mail: [email protected]
Tlf: + 47 457 75 703

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