Skogskøyring i Bavallen

The best freeriding in the forests in Voss

Head to the forest! Voss has a bunch of great spots for forest skiing that is more available than you would think

NB! Be aware of the risk of avalanches and take responsibility for your own safety. Read more at "Safety for ski tourers" by Visit Norway or at "Ski touring in Norway" at

Where do you go for tips for the best spots for forest skiing? To the ones that are out ski touring every single day of course. In the most active training periods the ski touring-athlete Lars Erik Skjervheim (39) and Hans-Inge Klette (23) do up towards to 20 000 altitude meters a week. A lot of the altitude meters are actually done in the forest.

- The most of our ski tours goes from where the snow starts and to where it stops being good. That is very often in the forest. The snow is better, less affected by the wind, and you can see more contours in the terrain, Lars Erik says. 



The ski touring athletes Lars Erik Skjervheim and Hans-Inge Klette have countless of training hours together. Lars Erik is finished with the Norwegian national team, but Hans-Inge are going all in.

It does not matter if it is only 150 or 200 altitude meters with good freeriding. You can simply go back up and do it again, and again.

- On the way up I often think to myself “this is the last round”, but then you get to the skiing part, and it is all forgotten. If I get 200 altitude meters of good powder in the forest, I might do 10  laps in a row, Hans-Inge says.

- It is more fun than standing on a treadmill for two hours! Lars Erik says and laughs. 

- That is what is so fun about this sport; you get the struggle on the way up – and then you get to play, on the way down. Earn your turns!


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Lars Erik and Hans-Inge are not afraid to give away their tips to the best ski touring trails of the forest, in Voss. That just means we can walk up in someone else’s tracks, rather than paving our own way. It is better for our training.

- We think it is important to share the good places. There is room enough for everybody. But of course – some of our true hidden gems will be kept a secret. If you want to know where they are you must join us for a ski tour, Lars Erik smiles.    

Hans-Inge and Lars Erik’s top 3 best tips:

1. The forest in Bavallen

Easily accessible with access from the ski centre Voss Resort, and they have a nice place for freeriding. You can either ski in the forest on the east- and southeast side in Bavallen, down from the “swamp” and towards Bavallstunet. On top there is a nice forest terrain, but in the end the forest gets tighter. Then it is better to put on the skins and walk up the same way you came from.
Another variant is the forest on the southside of Horgaletten, on both sides of the down hill slope. Here you can find a lot of good snow, especially in the weekdays. 


Evening trip in the forest near Bavallen with a lovely view and great conditions.

2. Jordalen

A true gem, where you will find some of the finest skiing in Voss. Jordalen is also known as a snow-sure place, where it often snows a lot and the snow holds up well. Here you have several beautiful areas with open areas between birch trees. There are some steep places at the top of the forest, but most slants are below 30 degrees, and not in avalanche-dangerous terrain. However, always make your own assessment of the snow and terrain.

NB! Some areas around Voss have wild and domestic reindeer. The reindeer are vulnerable to human activity. Walk away if you see reindeer, and choose another trip if you hear about reindeer sightings in the area. Jordalen is one of the places where we have challenges with skiers scaring the wild reindeer away from their best grazing areas in the mountains. Especially in late winter and spring. Pay special attention to the wild reindeer when skiing in this area.

3. Moldalia

A wide valley with several open areas in the forest, and with endless possibilities to find good lines when the snow is good. The place is well sheltered from weather from the southwest and west, and therefore one often finds very good snow here. To get here you drive to Kvitno in the Urdland/Raundalen. Follow the scooter track up towards the stables, and go up the hill on the way to the top Storebotneggi. The forest is often the place you can get the best skiing, but you can also go all the way to the top. Bbe aware of avalanche-dangerous terrain.

Get a good nights sleep after ski touring:

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