Voss Fellesbryggeri

A local brewery with enthusiasm and passion for traditions

Voss Fellesbryggeri is a craft brewery in Voss. The town has long traditions for beer brewing. The brewery builds on these traditions, but also the playfulness and humor that the locals are known for.

The beer is brewed by local beer enthusiasts who wish to build on the rich culture of Voss and the surrounding areas. Our ambition is to make good quality beer available to people all over the country. All the beers are brewed with Kveik. Kveik is a beer culture (read: beer yeast, yeast fungi) that has very long traditions in Voss and gives the beer a unique and fresh taste.

Voss Fellesbryggeri's products can be found all over the country at Meny, Spar, Eurospar and Joker, as well as Coop Hordaland and other outlets for craft brews and other quality beers. You can also buy their products at the brewery. Soon they will also open a shop in Voss Sentrum called "Leskebutikken".

Our beer will not make the world a better place, it would just seem like it.

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