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Badeplass på voss

The Swim Guide

Voss is full of good spots where you can go for a swim during summer (and winter, if you like)! These are our top recommendations:

Warning! The river changes from day to day. Make your own assessment of what the lake looks like, where the current goes and how fast it goes. You should only swim in the river when the water level is low - do not jump in if you are unsure.

Do not swim alone. Swimming is at your own risk.

Show consideration for permanent residents, especially with regards to parking, rubbish, and toilet visits. Do not block a road or park in front of the tractor/car of the local farmer. Ask before parking on private property.

Lakes and fjords:

Voss is surrounded by lakes that can reach quite comfortable temperatures in summer! Perfect if you want a relaxing day in beautiful surroundings. 

Lake Vangsvatnet:

badeplass på voss, vangsvatnet  vangsvatnet, badeplass på voss  sup på vangsvatnet
Photo: Karoline Fosse


About the spot: 
This is without a doubt the most accessible place to go swimming, in the town centre of Voss – only a five-minute walk from the shopping streets. The beach stretches all around the bay and is mostly shallow, except for at the far end. Behind it is an outdoor recreational area and a great park with an outdoor gym, a pump track, and a concrete skate park. 

How to get there:
Drive or go by foot to Voss Camping.

Along the fjord in Granvin

stuper uti granvinsfjorden   dame ser på granvinsfjorden, med fossefall
Photo: Karoline Fosse

Drive about 25km from Voss, towards Granvin. In Granvin you come to the fjord. From here you can drive along the fjord and there is a good spot at almost evert turn. So many good places to choose from.


Lake Oppheimsvatnet, Haugsvik:


About the spot:
In Haugsvik you will find an accessible swimming spot with a nice beach. This spot gets extra points for great views and a floating jumping tower!

How to get there:
By car: Drive from Voss towards Oslo on E16. After about half an hour (in the 60 kph zone towards the end of the lake) you reach a sign towards Vasstrondi to the right. Exit here and follow the road a few hundred metres to the beach. You will also find a few parking spots along the road. 
By bus: Take bus number 950 or 4500 to Haugsvik. Follow the instructions above and walk to the beach (about 10 minutes). 

Lake Vetlavatnet:

vetlavatnet  vetlavatnet

About the spot:
Vetlavatnet is almost always the warmest body of water in Voss, in the summer. The area is very cozy and perfect for families, it has a tiny beach, some rocks you can lie on, and a bench. You also get a fantastic view of both Gråsida and Lønahorgi!

How to get there:
By car: Drive from Voss towards Oslo on E16 until you reach Tvindefossen. Exit to the right towards Nesheim and the golf course and drive approximately 1 kilometre. Make a right onto a gravel road that leads to a small parking lot. Follow the trail down to the lake. 
By bus: Take bus number 950, 970 or 4500 to Tvinno. Follow the instructions above and go by foot to the beach (about 20 minutes).


bading på hangurstoppen
Photo: Jon Hunnalvatn Tøn, Hunnalvatn Media

About the spot:
A beautiful little mountain lake by the Red Cross cabin on mount Hangur. This is the perfect spot to combine both mountain hiking and swimming. From the top station at the gondola there is a marked trail that goes to the lake. From the lake, you have a beautiful view of mount Lønahorgi!

How to get there:
Get the gondola to Hangurstoppen, or hike from Bavallen or Voss folk museum. If you go by foot you must take into consideration that it will take you about an hour to get to the top. 


demmo  demmo
Photo: Karoline Fosse

About the spot:
Great swimming spot just by Flatlandsmo Camping that offers something for everyone. The beach and pier, just by the cabins, are perfect for families with kids. A five-minute walk out you will find the jumping tower, where the bravest can try jumping from both 7 and 12 metres. On the other side of the lake there is a slide. To get to the slide you have to park by the industrial area in Istadmyrane.

How to get there:
By car: Drive on Rv13 from Voss towards Granvin for about 15 minutes until you see signs towards Flatlandsmo Camping. Park at the camping site (20 NOK). 
By bus: Get bus number 925 or 990 to Flatlandsmo. Walk through the camping site down to the beach.


Lundarvatnet  Lundarvatnet


About the spot:
A great spot if you want to be by yourself, just a five-minute drive from the Voss town centre. You can enjoy the view of mount Gråsida and Lønahorgi while you are splashing around in the water.

How to get there:
By car: Drive to Skulestadmo, and exit by the Coop EXTRA store, following signs towards Nesheim. Just after you pass the rafting centre (Voss Active), take a right onto a gravel road. After passing a few houses, you will find a small parking lot. From here you can follow the trail alongside the lake, and go swimming somewhere you find suitable. 
By bus: Get bus 950, 970 or 4500 to Skulestadmo. Follow the instructions above and reach the spot by foot (approximately 15-20 minutes).



About the spot:
Evanger is a charming village in Voss county, just 15 minutes outside Voss town centre by car. And of course, they also have a lake you can swim in! This spot is perfect if you are on a small excursion outside the centre of Voss. The Evanger lake has several swimming spots. In the photo above we have chosen a small beach on the south side of the lake. In Evanger you can find Evanger Landhandleri (small shop), Rongahuset Café and pub, lots of benches and a beach. 

How to get there:
By car: Drive on E16 from Voss towards Bergen for about 20 minutes until you reach Evanger. Take a left towards Evanger station on E16. Drive past the train station, and follow the road (parallel to E16) for a few hundred metres until you reach a parking pocket on the right side of the road. Here you will find a small beach down by the lake.
By train: Get the local train from Voss towards Bergen, and disembark the train at Evanger. Follow the instructions above and go to the swimming spot by foot (about 15 minutes). 

Rivers and pools

In the many rivers around Voss natural pools have been formed over time, many of which are very exciting to swim in. You get to experience the power of nature, and a bit cooler temperatures than in the lakes. 

Bordalsgjelet Gorge:

Bordalsgjelet  bading i elv på voss  Bordalsgjelet
Poto 1 and 2: Visit Voss. Photo 3: Therese Leid

About the spot:
Below the river by the popular natural attraction Bordalsgjelet there is a pool perfect for swimming if the water levels are low. This spot is for the toughest swimmers, that are keen to experience a nice nature experience in refreshing cold water.

How to get there:
The swimming spot is located below the road, to the right before you reach the bridge over the gorge. There is a trail down to a viewpoint. To the right of this viewpoint, you can climb down to the pool. Only for the more adventures!

“The Smiling Pool” (“Smilekulpen”) in Mjølfjell


About the spot:
A swimming spot guaranteed to make you smile! This is a gorgeous natural pool in Raundalselva with crystal clear water, easily accessible from the road. The rocks on the side are great to jump from. If water levels are especially low you can climb up the river, under the bridge. We recommend spending a nigth at Kårdal Mountain Lodge to give yourself enough time to explore the area. Mjølfjell is a great place to enjoy the Norwegian mountains, hikes and swimming. If you are unsure about where to start - contact Wild Voss to get your own guide!

How to get there:
Train: Take the train from Voss to Mjølfjell. This is the easiest and best alternative as the road is quite narrow and old. 
Car: Drive from Voss and up Raundalsvegen towards Mjølfjell. After approximately 30 kilometres you will reach a sign towards “Mjølfjell station”. Drive past this sign and continue on a few kilometres until you reach a large parking lot on the left side of the road (where the trails to Ljosnadalen begin). The pool is below the road, under the bridge. 

"Gryto" in Vinje:


About the spot:
In Vinje you can experience nature’s own bubble bath. This pool is more than 4 metres deep, and it is possible to jump from several spots. Just behind the pool (further down the river) you can find a more appropriate swimming spot for children where the water is more shallow. 

How to get there:
Follow E16 from Voss to Vinje. Drive straight through the roundabout in Vinje and park by the church. The swimming spot is located around 500 metres away from the roundabout, on the right side of the road, behind a white house. Follow a trail to the right of a bride to get to the river pool. 


Have a nice swim, and remember to take your rubbish with you when you leave! :-)