Jordalen and Bakkanosi

Jordalen is a sheltered small mountain valley on the edge of the Nærøyfjord heritage area with a vibrant local community. Many of the permanent residents are farmers, and they use the nature in the lush valley and the surrounding mountain area for livestock grazing. We recommend doing this hike with a guide, or join Wild Voss to Breiskrednosi, one of the neighboring mountains.

Bakkanosi, frå Jordalen
Foto: Peter Bartel | Myrkdalen

In recent years, Jordalen has experienced a strong increase in hiking tourists who go to Bakkanosi to experience the spectacular view over the Nærøyfjord. The traffic is sometimes so heavy that it creates challenges for the local population and nature. We therefore ask you to pay attention and follow our simple requests when you visit this unique area. 

Remember that you are a guest here.

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Remember that you must keep the dog on a leash so that domestic animals on pasture and wild animals are not frightened or injured, in this area there is a leash requirement for the dog all year round

The trip to Bakkanosi is a long mountain trip

The trip to the high mountain is demanding, and goes on an unmarked, sometimes indistinct path. The reward you get when you get to the top of Bakkanosi is a spectacular view over the Nærøyfjord heritage area and the Sognefjord.

Ascent: 580 - 1398 meters
Length: 20 km - 8 hours round trip
Season: July - September
Difficulty: Red (demanding)
Starting point: Jordalen, by the hamlet house
Tour map: Nærøyfjorden 1:50 000 and the book "Opptur i Hordaland"
Note: This trip is not marked, and requires that you bring a map and compass

NB - Avoid the snowridges on the edge at Bakkanosi, also in the summer!

The trip to the famous mountainarea Bakkanosi, starts at Jordalen hamlet house. On the trip you can meet both wild and domestic animals, show consideration for the animals. The mountains here are also habitats for wild reindeer, keep your dog on a leash throughout the trip!

The road to Bakkanosi goes via Slettedalen, where you pass some lush summer stalls that local farmers use when they are looking for their animals. Show care, keep a distance from the stables and be aware that one can camp as long as you are at least 150 meters from the nearest house or cottage.

In Jordalen, landowners have arranged for parking spaces you can use for a fee (Vipps or cash). These are severe signs showing you where to park, also see marking with P on the map above. Use these and do not park along the road. This creates challenges for local farmers who have to drive through the narrow roads with wide tractors, and for emergency vehicles and more. If you do not find parking, we would advise you to travel to one of the other nice hiking destinations you find on the website of the Nærøyfjorden - world heritage park. The trip to Breiskrednosi, one of the neighboring mountains to Bakkanosi with at least as good a view, can be recommended as a good alternative. Read about the guided hike to Breiskrednosi, via Rimstigen, here.