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Hiking in Voss

The mountains around Voss are an Eldorado for both short and long mountain hikes, and a lot of the hikes have panoramic views of glaciers, fjords, mountain ranges and lakes. You will have many possibilities with Voss as starting point – everything between hikes that takes a few hours to hikes that lasts for days with nights in cabins or a tent. If you don't have much time we recommend going to see the thousand years old gorge "Bordalsgjelet" just outsite the city center. 

The season for mountain hikes normally starts in the end of June and lasts until the end of October – depending on how much snow there is in the mountains.

The conditions in the mountains can change fast, and it is important to be well prepared. Do not go on long hikes if you lack experience and show respect for the weather forecast. Bring extra clothes, food, water, and first aid equipment. And remember – there is no shame in turning around!

Four hikes with fjord views

Ingebjørgfjellet i kveldssol

Short walks close to Voss city center

utstilling av skiferdrift

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mennesker på vangen cafe, på voss

Recommended packing for your hike:

Good hiking boots
Wind- and waterproof clothes
A beanie
Wool base layer + change of clothes
Sun lotion
Blister plasters
First Aid equipment
Extra food and water

Remember that most of the mountains do not have cell phone reception. Save the battery or bring a wireless charger/power bank.

You can get maps and descriptions of the hikes at Voss tourist information!

Hikes with a guide

Would you like to have a local expert with you on a hike? Several companies in Voss offer guided hikes in the mountains. 

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