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Hiking in Voss

Go trekking in the mountains of Voss and explore the scenic and varied landscapes! The best way to enjoy nature is definetely on foot, and there is a wide range of walks and hiking trails suitable for all levels. Discover a magnificent view of lakes, fjords and surrounding mountains, either by going on a daytrip of staying overnight in a cabin or a tent.

The hiking season normally starts at the end of June, and lasts until the end of October, depending on weather conditions and altitude.

The weather conditions in the mountains change rapidly, and therefore it is very important that you are well prepared. Do not go on long hikes if you lack experience and show respect for the weather forecast. Bring extra clothes, food, water, and first aid equipment. And remember – there is no shame in turning around!

Happy hiking!



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Vandreturar i Vossaregionen:
Pakkeliste til høgfjellet

Gode fjellsko
Vass- og vindtette klede
Ullundertøy + ekstra skift
Ekstra mat og drikke

NB! Hugs at store delar av fjellet er utan mobildekning. Spar på batteriet, eller ha med deg trådlaus ladar.

Turbeskrivingar og kart får du hjå Voss Turistinformasjon!

Hikes with a guide

Would you like to have a local expert with you on a hike? Several companies in Voss offer guided hikes in the mountains. 

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