Ski touring for all levels in Voss

The mountains around Voss is known for its playful and varied terrain, with descents in every direction. What about taking the bucket-list tour across the mountain range “Raundalsryggen” or exploring the forests, down in the lush valleys?

Do you wonder what Voss has to offer when it comes to ski touring? Here you will get tips for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. In Voss, we are lucky to have mountaintops in every direction of the sky. This means that the local guides always can find a mountainside that is not affected by the wind and offers good and varied skiing.

In one end of Voss you find Myrkdalen which is known for being a snowsure destination with lots to offer. Granvin in Hardanger is also a part of Voss and has great mountains, views of the fjords and various descents for all skill levels.

In some of the mountains around Voss there are wild reindeers. The reindeer is vulnerable to human activity. Walk away if you see reindeers and choose another trip if you hear of reindeers in the area. We have trouble with skiers scaring the reindeers away from the best grazing area in the mountains in late winter and spring, show extra caution to the reindeers around these times.
Show consideration to the locals, especially with parking, trash and toilet visits. Do not block a road or park in front of the local farmers tractor/car. Always ask before parking on private property.

When ski touring the danger of avalanche is always present. It is important to know the terrain and the local conditions to safely move around in the mountains. We recommend that you read Visit Norway´s guide on safety while ski touring: Safety guide

If you are going ski touring in areas that are new to you we strongly recommend that you go with local guides. Local guides will do all the planning for you so that you can lean back and enjoy the tour. They have knowledge of terrain traps, avalanche signs, weather, and wind conditions. Guides let their guests get involved in taking snow tests, evaluate the terrain and making decisions. On a guided ski tour you will definitely learn a lot of useful skills.

Raundalsryggen – a classic on skis
Raundalsryggen is a mountain range made up of the four big mountains in Voss. Some of the most exhilarating skiing terrain in Voss can be found in Raundalen. On this tour you get to really experience nature. From the old pine forest along the blue and green river “Raundalselva”, to wild and alpine mountaintops.

The tour over Raundalsryggen starts with Horndalsnuten (1461) furthest to the west. From there you go up over to Skipadalsnuten (1496), Seldalsnuten (1548) and Olsskavlen (1576). This is a long ski tour with a total ascent of around 1800 height meters.

Always check the avalanche warnings before heading out. Regobs is one of several services: Regobs

Guides: Wild Voss and Hardanger Fjellguide

Ski touring by train
Whether you have done a little or a lot of ski touring this is a very cool experience, that most people get excited by. Bergensbanen stretches east into Raundalen where the train stations lie very closely. This makes it easy to combine the train journey with ski touring. The mountain top Eilivseggi lies north of the railroad between stations Ljosanbotn and Upsete. You start from the train station Ljosanbotn, get the morning train from Voss. Follow the valley towards Gamlestølselvi and follow the river up to the water at 1070 masl. From here you will gain height going south towards mount Kleivafjellet. Follow the ridge to Eilivseggi. You must pass some smaller peaks before you reach the top. Going down you can ski the flanks towards Rustedalen which offers wonderful skiing and many lines with different steepness. Find the least steep line between the streams out of Rustedalen and head towards the railroad. Cross the rails on the «mast top», and walk over to the magnificent Langvasstølen. Here, from the train station Vieren, you can get the afternoon train back to Voss.

You can also do a guided ski tour in the area. The guide will then choose the best mountain top based on the conditions and makes sure that you catch the train back.

Guide: Wild Voss

Ski touring from the ski resorts
What about combining the best from ski lifts and ski touring? In Myrkdalen and Voss Resort you can buy a «ski touring pass». With this ticket you will get one trip up the lifts to the top of the resort. This is a perfect starting point if you want to go ski touring, but do not want to walk for several hours. In Myrkdalen you can go to mount Finnbunuten and in Voss Resort mount Lønahorgi is a great choice. Know this: Once you leave the ski resort all skiing is on your own responsibility.

Voss Resort
Myrkdalen Mountain Resort

When you ski down you can stop at one of the cafés in the resort to get some dinner or an afterski party!

Suggestion: Finnbunuten lies on 1358 masl and is easily accessed from the top of the Kari Traa-lift in Myrkdalen. From the top of the resort it is about an hour of effortless walking westward. From the top you have a beautiful view over Stølsheimen nature preserve in the west and Hurrungane mountain range in the east. There are a lot of good lines to choose from going down. You can choose between steep, playful, or slack terrain. This tour is good for both alpine skis and mountain skis.

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Post skiing activities:
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