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vennegjeng på langrenn i myrkdalen

Cross-country and backcountry skiing

Here is an overview of the finest cross-country trails in Voss, for hiking and training. At Voss, you can go cross-country skiing between magical, snow-covered trees or up in the mountains with fantastic views.

With so many good cross-country trails, it is not surprising that there are so many good skiers from Voss. Voss is actually known as the Olympic village, because of our many medalist winners. 

At the bottom of the page, you will find maps of the trails at Voss and when they are last groomed.

Voss Ski og Tursenter

langrenn på Voss i voss ski og tursenter

To get to Voss ski og tursenter, you can drive to "Palmafossen" and follow the signs to the facility. You then drive on Skutlesvegen until you reach the car park about 5-6km from Palmafossen.

You have many opportunities in this area. From the stadium, you can go do a short round in what is the roller ski track during summer. There is also a trail with lights for the evenings. There are two 5 km trails that are nice for those who want a slightly longer lap. You can follow the trail in a northern direction towards Nonshaugane or a southern direction towards Djupåsen.

Langrenn på Voss med fantastisk utsikt mot lønahorgi

There is also a longer round around Sonvesåsen. You can start at the stadium or go from the car park at Oldesåsen. To get here you follow the road past the stadium. Turn right and go up the small hill, when you get to a T-junction. Here is the parking lot.

In Herresåsen there is a nice trail which is called "The Jem". Follow the road past the stadium towards Bordalsvegen. Turn left at the T-junction, and then turn left again towards Herresvegen. Parks at Herresleitet. This is a good starting point for both longer and shorter trips. There is a large map at the parking lot showing the different trails.

Hangurstoppen, Voss Resort

Skiløper i solnedgangen på Hangurstoppen

Foto: Jon Hunnalvatn Tøn, Hunnalvatn Media

To get to Hangurstoppen, it is easiest to take the gondola. You can choose between short and long walks in easy terrain. Voss Resort has 18 km of groomed cross-country trails in family-friendly terrain.

Map of the trails and info

Årmotslia, Myrkdalen

Langrenn i myrkdalen

Foto: Sverre F. Hjørnevik

To get to Årmotslia drive og get the skibus to Myrkdalen. You can park at Helgatun Fjellpensjonat, just past the hotel. Cross the ski bridge over the road, and follow the groomed trails over the bridge. You can do different laps and routes in Årmotslia. For many decades, the 5-kilometer long circular trail has been like a second home to the locals of Myrkdalen, in the winter. The trail is lit in the evening.

In Myrkdalen there is about 30 km of cross-country trails. The cross-country trails are good for both skating and classic cross-country skiing, but can also be used as hiking trails with backcountry skis. 

Read more about cross-country skiing and backcountry skiing in Myrkdalen here.


To get to Mjølfjell you drive to Palmafossen and take a right towards Mjølfjell. You can park at Kårdal guest house or at Mjølfjell youth hostel (MUH) at the end of the road. You can pay a parking fee with Vipps. If you take the train to Mjølfjell, Ljosanbotn or Upsete station, you almost walk from the train and straight onto the ski slopes. 

From MUH to Upsete station classic tracks are set, from early in the season. The trail is approx. 6 kilometers long and starts with a slight climb up towards Langavatn, before it flattens out along the lake. The trail is also good for children and beginners. Take the train to Upsete and walk downhill towards Mjølfjell and get the train home from Mjølfjell. .

Cross-country trails

Overview of the trails in Voss:

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