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Action-packed activities in Voss

In Voss, we have something for everyone, whether you prefer sky-high adrenaline in air or water, or a calm resting pulse. Feel the challenge and mastery together.

Rafting - Voss Active

rafting på voss, med voss active

Rafting is the most popular summer activity in Voss! Paddlers from all over the world travel to Voss to challenge themselves in our rivers, so this is a unique experience. It doesn't matter whether it's sunny or rainy - you're guaranteed to get wet!

Tandem skydiving

tandem fallskjermhopp over voss

Here you get to see the Western Norwegian nature from a real bird's-eye view, and you get a taste of the Extreme Sports Week and the extreme sports village. The atmosphere at the jump field is also quite special, and in the café, you get a lot of good local food. Feel free to have lunch here... after the jump.

NB! Often sells out quickly.

Climbing - Wild Voss

klatrområdet på voss, omfavnet av grønn skog, fjell og vann

Try rock climbing or mountain climbing in beautiful surroundings. Climbing provides both a physical and mental challenge and is the perfect activity for clearing your head of everything else and just being present with your own climbing. Wild Voss has certified instructors and you get to try climbing and rappelling adapted to your level.

Canyoning - Voss Active

juving på voss

Dressed in a wetsuit, helmet, and life jacket, you alternate between swimming, climbing, and jumping along the river, in the gorge. You will experience huge potholes, natural water slides, small rapids, and crystal-clear pools.

Canyoning is only available when the rivers have too little water to carry out the rafting trips (usually late in the summer).

SUP-tour - Outdoor Norway

sup i raundalselva på voss

Stand-up paddleboarding is an exciting and fun activity. With Outdoor Norway, you get to see both Voss and the Vosso river from a completely new perspective. You start with a bit of training on Lake Vangsvatnet before heading to the river. All tours are in small groups so that the guide can customize the trip according to experience and skill level. If you want to explore Lake Vangsvatnet alone, you can also rent a SUP board

Packrafting with Kayak Voss

dame som surfer en bølge i packraft, på voss

Packrafts are first and foremost a lot of fun!!! They are wide, stable one-person inflatable crafts. and can weigh as little as 2kg and fit in a backpack. They are strong, wide and very easy to learn and suitable for use on all bodies of water. Due to their versatility, lightness and stability these crafts are becoming more and more popular as an easier and friendlier way to get into and explore the world of rivers and whitewater.

Indoor flying - Voss Vind

dame som flyr i vindtunnelen, i voss vind

Har du alltid drøymt om å fly? Hjå Voss Vind får du kjenne på følelsen av å vera vektlaus. Denne aktiviteten passar for alle og ein treng ingen erfaring. Du får gode instruksjonar før og under flyginga. Her får ein utfordring og meistring i heilt trygge omgjevnader. Å dele ei slik oppleving saman er heilt spesielt og ein får definitivt noko å prate om under neste middag. Det er heilt trygt å fly, berre ekstremt morro! 

Have you always dreamed of flying? At Voss Vind, you get the sensation of being weightless. This activity is suitable for everyone and requires no prior experience. You receive thorough instructions before and during the flight. Sharing such an experience together is truly special, and it definitely gives you something to talk about at your next dinner. It's completely safe to fly, just extremely fun! 

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