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Experience nature in Voss

If you want to get close to nature you need to visit Voss! You can drive to Tvindefossen waterfall, walk in the mountains or jump out of a plane with Skydive Voss. If you are going to Voss you should include at least one experience in nature, whether it is a natural attraction or an activity. 

Natural attractions

We have numerous natural attractions in Voss - waterfalls, gills, gorges, and caves. Make time to experience nature during your stay:

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A hike in the beautiful mountains surrounding Voss is a must! If you are short on time you can get to mount Hanguren with Voss Gondol in less than 10. If you want to get a picture in the iconic window overlooking the fjords (as seen on Instagram) a hike to Kiellandbu is recommended. Read more about hiking in Voss here: Hiking in Voss, or look at this selection of shorter and longer hikes:

Cycling in Voss

Do you love cycling on holidays or want to improve your skills? At Voss, there is a large cycling community for both MTB and road biking. Check out Strava to see where locals go on their road bikes. In Myrkdalen they have both guided tours, a pump track, jumping lines, and cycling courses. In the center of Voss, you can rent an electric bike from VossaBike. Read more here: Cycling in Voss, or check out these biking products:

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Activities with nature up close

Most activities in Voss happen outdoors in the air, on water, or land. In Voss, it doesn't matter if you are looking for tranquility or adrenaline you will be able to experience nature up close. 

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