Experience the ski village Voss

Voss is a complete skiing destination and has many things to offer for the whole family – the whole winter!

One day in the ski resort is routine on most ski or winter vacations. On Voss you can take one day in Voss Resort and one day in Myrkdalen – then you will experience many different slopes, parks and a lot of good food. Take the ski bus to Myrkdalen.

There are also many other things you can do in the village! What about a trip to Voss Folkemuseum – the new exhibition shows Voss though the last 500 years. There are interactive instalments, and the exhibition is made both for children and adults (children under 15 has a free ticket). If there is snow the hills next to the museum is perfect for sledding. 

Do you want to experience something unique that the whole family will remember for years? Then we recommend going to Voss Vind – here you will learn how to fly! Going on a dog sled ride in Myrkdalen is also a fantastic experience for both old and young. 

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