Ski touring course on Voss

Our 20-hour summit tour course at Voss gives you the avalanche knowledge you need to go on safe summit tours! You get two full days out on a summit tour, with learning moments along the way.

Course content
This course offers long spring days with summit hikes, great descents, and a lot of practical training. The aim of the course is to enable you to maintain your own safety on moderate spring ski trips in alpine mountain areas. The course provides basic knowledge and skills needed on back traverses, in steep snow flanks, and on glaciers. The course content is adapted to the group's wishes and prior knowledge. The course takes place out in the mountains, with emphasis on practical exercises and active participation. Raundalen and Raundalsryggen near Voss have a lot of terrains that lends itself well to this type of course - both on the north side and the south side.

We establish a tent camp in Horndalen north of Horndalsnuten on Friday night. From the camp at the tree line, we have a short way to very good training terrain and are safe content-rich days without spending much time on transport and marching.

Some current course moments:
How to use RegObs, varsom.no and other aids for trip planning?

Assessment of terrain. Brattle game assessment and consequence thinking.

Use of ice ax and crampons on steep snow. Snow slope technique.

Method for rappelling on snow and mountains.

Use of securing agent on snow and mountains. Construction of stands.

Basic methods of rescue from glacier cracks.

Landslide problem in theory and practice. How to capture alarm signs from nature?

Pattern for skiing - ski buddy. Communication, line selection, and safety stops.

Evaluation of the summit trip. What did you learn?

Requirements for participants
You have at least one year of experience from summit hikes on skis in different areas and have avalanche knowledge that corresponds to a basic avalanche course or higher. You must be able to travel on skis under changing weather and snow conditions with a backpack on your back, both up and down.

Necessary hiking equipment
Top touring ski (Rando or Telemark) with traps. Wind and waterproof trousers and jacket with a good hood, wool underwear, extra wool sweater, warm hat, gloves/mittens, thick warm jacket. All go with avalanche equipment (shovel, search bar, and transmitter/receiver). Wear ski goggles and/or sunglasses, lunch, and drinks. Landslide equipment can be borrowed from Wild Voss at no extra cost.

You will need a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and other useful clay equipment. The course leader sends out a detailed packing list and coordinates the packing of common camp equipment before the course.

Necessary climbing equipment
Crampons, ice ax (breøks), climbing harness, helmet, rope brake, screw carabiners and some slings. Rental of useful climbing equipment is included in the course price.

Practical info
After attending on Friday night, we review the course plan, clarified expectations and review equipment. We also plan the trip the next day.

Saturday and Sunday we are mainly out for a walk. Raundalsryggen has a lot of terrain that are well suited for this course. The choice of the area depends on the group's wishes and what the weather and conditions allow. An important point is that everyone can take an active part in decisions and exercises along the way.

The participants organize transport themselves, and all meals during the course. We are happy to help you with tips and advice if you need it.
The course ends on Sunday before 19.00. Everyone gets a course certificate.

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