Toppturkurs på Voss

Vårt 20-timers toppturkurs på Voss gir deg skredkunnskapen du trenger for å dra på trygge toppturer! Du får to hele dager ute på topptur, med læringsmomenter underveis.

Ski touring course - an avalanche course for ski touring enthusiasts

Our 20-hour summit tour course gives you the avalanche knowledge you need to go on safe summit tours! You get two full days out on a summit tour, with learning moments along the way. You will be trained to recognise avalanche terrain and identify signs of avalanche danger. The course is based in Voss, which means we are within easy driving distance of a number of great hiking areas. This means that we can easily adapt the tours to weather and snow conditions. This gives us effective days with lots of learning, even in mid-winter.

Course dates in 2024: 12-14 January, 26-28 January and 9-11 February.

Theme list - here's what you'll learn more about:
How to use the Varsom app and other aids for trip planning?
Terrain classes, steepness assessment and terrain traps on the map and in the terrain.
Avalanche problems in theory and practice. How to recognise alarm signs from nature?
Snow knowledge. Basic understanding of layering and weak layers in the snowpack.
Patterns for skiing - ski buddy. Communication, line selection and safe stopping points.
Camera rescue in avalanches with search, excavation and basic first aid.
Decision-making in avalanche terrain. How to avoid decision traps?
Evaluation of the summit trip. What did you learn?

The course content is customised to the group's prior knowledge. Vossafjella is snow-sure and has a rich selection of summit tours that are well suited to avalanche courses. The course can therefore be organised in almost any weather and under all kinds of conditions.

Requirements for participants
The summit tour course is suitable for those with little or limited avalanche knowledge. You have been on a few ski tours in the mountains and are used to skiing off groomed pistes. You know how to dress for skiing in the high mountains in winter. You must be able to ski in varying weather and snow conditions with a light pack on your back, both up and down.

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