UNESCO Breiskrednosi 1189

The unique combination of nature and culture has earned the Nærøyfjord a well-deserved place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. From Breiskrednosi, you can enjoy the world heritage from orchestra level, 1189 metres above the fjord.

About the trip
Nærøyfjorden is one of the most spectacular fjords of western Norway. Snowy mountains loom high above this narrow strip of greenish blue water, shedding meltwater in cascades down the sheer cliffs. The unique natural scenery and cultural landscape has granted this region a well earned spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.​

From Breiskrednosi, you get to experience this beautiful scenery from a unique perspective, 1189 meters above the fjord.

After a one-hour drive from Voss, we arrive at the picturesque village called Bakka, by the Nærøyfjord. The road ends here, so we park near the start of the path called Rimstigen. We follow the winding Rimstigen steeply through the lush forest, under the looming presence of Bakkanosi (1398). We pass close by the impressive waterfalls of Tufteelvi. Continuing steeply uphill, we can only marvel at how earlier generations of farmers were able to lead their livestock up these hills to the summer pastures in the mountains above.

As we gain altitude, the view gets more and more impressive. At an elevation of 700 metres, the path reaches easier terrain as we approach the hanging valley of Rimstigbotnen. This is a great spot for a break. From here, we can look down upon the tiny boats and kayaks on the still surface of Nærøyfjorden far below.

The path continues past the tree line towards the steep hill known as Skarsbakkane. At around 1100 meters, we pass the crystal clear lake of Skarsvotni, jumping between rocks to cross the river running out of the lake. We head up towards the open mountain plateau near Rimstigfjellet, passing the high-point of the trip at 1250 meters above sea level. It is fairly common to encounter groups of wild reindeer in this area. Finally, we approach the last, impressive rise towards the spectacular top of Breiskrednosi. Luckily, the final 80 vertical metres are easier than they look from a distance.

From the top, we enjoy unforgettable moments of airy exposure. After absorbing the magnificent view from Breiskrednosi, we head back towards Bakka, retracing our own route.

Reasons to go
The mountains above Nærøyfjoden are wild, secluded and beautiful. The path up Rimstigen to Breiskrednosi is full of contrasts. From the lush greenery near the fjord to the barren mountain plateau partly covered under patches of snow. Fiercly steep, rocky sections followed by gentler slopes with grooves of mountain birches. Bubbling creeks, waterfalls and rivers all around us. And of course – you’ll visit some of the most superb viewpoints of the Norwegian fjords.

Check our post of the top 5 fjord hikes in Norway, and discover why we strongly recomend Breiskrednosi.

Season and availability
This trip can be booked daily between June 23rd and October 15th. Please click «Book this trip now» to secure a spot.

Physical requirements
The full-length trip to Breiskrednosi is suitable for healthy, fit people who has previous mountain hiking experience. Participants should expect cool, changeable weather patterns with possibilities for wind, rain or even snow. The hike covers a couple of very steep and somewhat exposed sections which could feel intimidating if you are sensitive to heights. The top of Breiskrednosi has an impressively steep south face, but you can easily keep your distance to the cliff’s edge if you want.

Additional information

On this hike you will need the following equipment:
Sturdy hiking shoes or hiking boots.
Waterproof clothing (shell layer).
Small rucksack (20 litres).
An extra t-shirt and an extra sweater.
Beanie or a cap.
A buff/scarf and a pair of gloves.
Sun glasses and sun lotion
Some snacks and a water bottle.
Trekking poles are highly recommended.
You might also bring swimwear and a towel, if you’d like cool bath on the return.​

Meeting point and practical details
​We meet at our office on the first floor of Tre Brør Café (Google maps) near the town square in Voss at 8.30 a.m. We make introductions and go through our clothing and equipment before driving to the starting point at Bakka.

You could also meet us directly at Bakka, if that suits your travel plans better.

Would you like to be picked up in Gudvangen or Flåm? No problem. Please contact us after booking and make an appointment.

We are typically back at Voss around 7.30 p.m.​

Prices and terms
The price for this trip is NOK 2 790,- per person (minimum price is NOK 5 580,-). The price for a private guide for your group is NOK 8370,-.​

Group size: 2 - 6 participants.

Included in the price:
A competent guide during your entire trip.
Pre-trip practical information and service.
A light meal of locally crafted food, including drinks.
All necessary safety equipment.
Access to extra clothing and trekking poles free of charge.
Transportation from Voss, Gudvangen or Flåm to the starting point and back to your meeting point.

Getting to the starting point
From Voss, follow E16 towards Gudvangen for about 45 minutes (46 km). Exit E16 towards Gudvangen, drive past the ferry terminal, and continue through the tunnel and along the narrow road number 241 towards Bakka (5 km). Continue through the village of Bakka to the car park on the right hand side, approximately 250 metres out of Bakka. Please note: there are farm animals grazing close to the road near Bakka.