utsikt på mjølfjell
©Thomas R. Larsen

Upsete - Mjølfjell - Voss

Jump on the local train to Upsete, get off the train in a beautiful mountain area, and bike back to the center of Voss.

Route description
From Upsete you bike down the gravel road Rallarvegen to Mjølfjell and Mjølfjell Mountain Lodge (13 km).

From Mjølfjell Mountain Lodge follow the asphalt road through Raundalen, towards the center of Voss. You follow the road until you pass a footbal field and Palmafossen school on the left-hand side and enter the cycle path just before the bridge that crosses the river Raundalselva. You will now see the intersection where Tjukkebygdvegen vegen meets Rv13 and Hardangervegen.

Once you have biked past the supermarket Kiwi, turn right. After following the bike path a short distance along RV13 / Hardangervegen, the path goes under the road and comes up on the other side Brynalii where you turn right and follow the sidewalk. When the road Brynalii meets the road Hardangervegen, turn left and onto the cycle path that takes you past Amfi shopping center, over the bridge Langabrua, and to Voss city center.

Cycling facts:
Length: 43 km.
Terrain: Gravel road (13 km) and asphalt road (30 km)